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Weekly Reminders: Updated on Fridays

  • Picture Day is Wednesday, April 5th for the following classrooms: Poppies, Frogs, Groundhogs, Hedgehogs, and Ladybugs.     Siblings will also go on these days and an email was sent out to all families on when their picture day was.

  • Picture Day is Thursday, April 6th for the following classrooms: Fireflies, Honeybees, and Hummingbirds and the teachers. 

  • Please make sure your child is not wearing GREEN for picture day as they are using a green screen which will give you so many more options for the background of your child's picture.

  • Please refer to the email sent on Sunday, March 26 for your child's picture day!

  • The center is closed on Friday, April 7 for Good Friday.  We will reopen on Monday, April 10 at 7:30 am.  

  • We are working on our Teacher Appreciation Week Theme which will take place in May.  Once we have more information we will send out an email for volunteers like we have done in the past to hold a breakfast and lunch for the teachers. I will also be sending out a list of the teachers names and which classrooms they spend most of their time in. 

  • Parking lot: Please pay attention in the parking lot when pulling into a space as well as backing out of a space. We have had several accidents almost happen that involved a child almost being hit as well as cars being hit.  

  • Drop Off Cut Off time ( 1 year olds and up): Our handbook states that your child needs to arrive to school before 9:30 am.  If they have an appointment scheduled that we know about they are able to come in after their appointment.  We need to know if your child will be in attendance so that we can properly plan for lunch and snack. 

  • Drop Off Cut Off time ( INFANTS):  We have had a number of students being dropped off after 10 am.  We have now implemented a 10 am drop off for the INFANTS only (POPPIES CLASSROOM).  This is due to them being on their own individual schedules. As stated above, please notify us if there is an appointment schedule so that we are aware and approximately what time they will be arriving from that appointment. 

  • Proper Shoes: We have had several friends come in with shoes that are way too big or way to small for their feet which is causing a safety hazard while in our care especially on the playground. Please make sure the shoes your child is wearing are the appopriate size so that we can do our best to prevent any accidents from taking place.

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