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Our curriculum starts with our youngest children ages 6 weeks to right under 2 years with Experience Baby (Baby Goose) from the Mother Goose Time Curriculum. Mother Goose Time is a NAEYC approved curriculum that has 33 key skills to help the children grow. As children participate, they naturally grow in all areas of development, including social-emotional, physical, language and cognitive development. For the Baby Goose curriculum, it is broken down in a way for the teachers to simplify an activity for the youngest child in the group but also gives an option to challenge a child who needs to be challenged based on their development needs. These activities are safe, offers opportunities to explore and engage with the teachers and other children in the room.  

When the children transition into our toddler wing, they will start with Experience Toddler (Little Goose) curriculum. This curriculum allows children to play with purpose. While meeting each child's individual needs while allowing the classroom to explore, investigate, and problem solve!  The children are starting to learn all about themselves and what they are all about. Self-help skills and independence are what the teachers strive to teach the children along with the curriculum!

Last, the children will transition into the pre-k wing where they will start on the Preschool (Mother Goose) curriculum. Not only are the children being challenged to do more in the classroom, they are starting their love of learning. Not only will the teachers implement the preschool curriculum, they will implement Babes on The Square Too kindergarten readiness program. This program is something we have tried to implement over the past few years. With the research of the curriculum coordinator and working alongside kindergarten teachers in the Brandywine School district, we have learned what kindergarten teachers expect the children to know going into school their first year.


While the teachers are implementing the curriculum, they are doing daily observations to have ample amount of evidence to show during assessments. Assessments are done three times a year. We have the baseline that is done (after the first month the children spend with the teacher.) This is done in September and conferences are normally in October. This conference is for the teachers to show parents where the children are and to set goals for the year. The second assessment is during the winter with conferences held in January. This set of conferences are requested only. Parents may request conferences during this time to check in with the teachers if they feel it is necessary. Teachers will request conferences with parents if there is any concerns that may need to be addressed. The last set of conferences is during spring, right before summer camp. Conferences will be held in May. For the children entering kindergarten after summer, conferences are required! We want to make sure you have all the information you need before your child enters kindergarten! 

Here is a link with more information regarding curriculum: Mother Goose Time Curriculum

For Little Goose and Mother Goose, an assessment packet is included with the curriculum. For Baby Goose, we use The Ounce Scale. This is a scale to help teachers while observing, assessing and tracking the development of children. The Ounce Scale is broken down into every 4 months. It was created around the four basic domains of development in infancy: social and emotional (building trust, sense of self, relationships with others), language (receptive and expressive), cognitive (memory and problem solving), and physical development (gross and fine motor as well as self-help). 

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